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TEAONIC Named One of the 9 Coolest Products at IDEA World 2015!

TEAONIC recently attended the annual IDEA World Fitness & Nutrition Expo in Los Angeles and we are so honored that the LIVESTRONG.COM editorial team named our herbal wellness teas as one of the 9 coolest products at the show! 

Here's what they had to say:

"Here at LIVESTRONG.COM, we often discuss the healing powers of tea and infusions, but with so many herbs and botanicals available, mixing your own can be confusing. Sure, there are Yogi Teas, but what about the option to have a healthy tea on the go?

A new company started by a mother-daughter herbalist team, TEAONIC sells small glass bottles of organic, non-GMO, ready-made therapeutic concoctions that address conditions like adrenal fatigue, gut health, acne and joint stiffness. What’s more, the unsweetened herbal teas actually taste good."  (Article By: Valaer Murray)

The show was so much fun and filled with so many awesome health and wellness products.  Click the link to the article to read about all 9 of the coolest finds:

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