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HYDROADE - Hydration + Superfoods Drink Mix!

15 Packets per Bag

Support your immune system with the refreshing blend of orange and elderberry in HYDROADE Elderberry Immunity. This immune-boosting mix features elderberry crystal, coconut water powder, hibiscus extract, and natural orange flavor.

HYDROADE is the ultimate instant hydration drink mix that combines the power of coconut water with superfoods! Stay hydrated and unlock your full potential with convenient, on-the-go, delicious drink mixes. Simply tear open a packet and mix with one cup of cold water for a tasty and revitalizing beverage. Cheers to better hydration and a better you!

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Elderberries are one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in the world, most often used to treat cold and flu symptoms. Delicious and tart in flavor, Elderberries are packed with antioxidants and have been shown to support immune defense and boost the immune system.
Renowned for its natural electrolyte content, coconut water is a hydrating powerhouse that aids in restoring and maintaining your body's fluid balance. Its rich potassium content helps replenish essential minerals lost during physical activities, making it an ideal companion for rehydration after exercise.

Not just a thirst-quencher, coconut water offers a range of essential nutrients including vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. These elements contribute to a strengthened immune system, improved digestion, and a radiant complexion.
Hibiscus is a deep-red flower that has been used for centuries for its refreshing taste as well as for its beneficial health properties. Hibiscus has traditionally been used to support skin health, digestive function, healthy fluid retention levels, and respiratory health. Hibiscus is also known for being rich in vitamin C, minerals, and antioxidants that support the overall immune system.
Beyond its delightful taste, maple sugar bestows a treasure trove of essential minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients. Rich in manganese, zinc, and riboflavin, it complements the mix's holistic approach to hydration and well-being. This natural sweetness offers a harmonious balance to the invigorating ingredients, enhancing the overall taste while contributing a touch of wholesome indulgence.
Orange juice is a favorite beverage high in antioxidants, vitamins, and nutrients! Regular consumption of orange juice has been shown to have several health benefits, including supporting the immune system and may be effective in fighting against the common cold
The power of love to change our bodies is legendary. Throughout history and everyday experience, love has been recognized as a valuable element in healing. Love moves the flesh and pushes matter. When something is made with love it not only tastes better, but it nourishes the soul. It is a secret ingredient filled with the commitment, desire, and care to provide the highest-quality herbal teas to help you achieve life-long health and happiness.

Ingredients:  *Elderberry Crystal, *Coconut Water Powder, *Hibiscus Extract, *Maple Sugar, Citric Acid, Orange Oil, Orange Juice Powder, Sugar (*Organic)